Missourians for Transportation Investment

Missourians for Transportation Investment (previously Mercury Alliance) is a broad coalition of people and organizations supporting the continued prosperity of the people of Missouri through the general advancement and improvement of the state’s transportation system.  To join Missourians for Transportation Investment or to become a sponsor, see the links below. Also below is a link to an informational presentation made regarding Mercury Alliance.

Why does it EXIST?

• To increase awareness of the importance of Missouri’s transportation system to the citizens of the state through strategic outreach that is issue driven, educational, demographically and geographically inclusive.
• To engage the Missouri General Assembly and the Governor to pass legislation to preserve and improve the state’s transportation system and create opportunities for alliance members to access state leadership including the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission related to transportation issues.
• To create a grassroots organization of geographically inclusive voters who are well-informed on transportation issues.

How does it WORK?
Community Interest Groups will meet to discuss transportation issues and present findings throughout the state.  Community of Interest Groups include:
• Economic Development
• Education & Research
• Freight
• Highways & Bridges
• Industry Advancement & Diversity
• Transit/Passenger Rail/Bike/Ped
• Innovation
• Safety