ASCE MO Roads – Yes on Prop D (Youtube video – click on photo to see video)

The committee launched a website – – to help Missourians learn about Proposition D, the statutory ballot measure for funding safe roads and bridges.  The new website will be a handy resource for information at a click about the critical needs, costs and solutions for safer roads and bridges in Missouri. is also launching Facebook at and Twitter @SaferMOcom accounts to promote Prop D.

Proposition D appears on Missouri’s November 6, 2018, general election ballot. It was referred to state voters by the Legislature. Prop D phases in a 2.5 cents annual motor fuels tax increase over four years.  When fully implemented, Prop D is estimated to bring in $412 million annually in new money for safe road and bridge projects statewide. That includes $288 million in new annual state-level funding for safer highways and bridges, plus about $124 million annually divided evenly between counties and cities for local projects.

For more information on Proposition D, click on the links below.