Why YOU should be a member of ACEC/MO


The Council can do things to help your bottom line that you don’t have the time or resources to do on your own:

1. GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS – ACEC/MO speaks as the unified voice of the profession to get our message heard in Missouri and Washington, DC. We promote a Legislative Summit in Washington, DC, as a way for members to get involved in the political process.

2. QBS – ACEC/MO educates city and county officials on the virtues of Selection by Qualifications for professional design services – the bidding of professional services in an ongoing problem to consulting engineers, which the Council can help address.

3. INSURANCE PROGRAMS – Through both ACEC/MO and ACEC, members firms can participate in the Life/Health Plan with its many managed care options, the Retirement Plan with many qualified pension/retirement plans, the Cafeteria Plan for flexible employee benefits, and the Business Insurance Plan for competitive, complete business coverages.

4. ENCOURAGING QUALITY MANAGEMENT THROUGH THE ACEC PEER REVIEW PROGRAM – Get a critical, confidential review of your organizational or project management.

5. ACTIVE PUBLIC RELATIONS PROGRAM – Our Membership Directory, cross-referenced and indexed, is sent free to mailing list of legislators, government officials, media, architects, and potential private clients. We also exhibit and make presentations at various state and local government association meetings.

6. ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE AWARDS PROGRAM – ACEC/MO sponsors the Engineering Excellence Program to promote public awareness of engineering and how important it is to everyone’s lives.

7. PROMOTE BETTER BUSINESS PRACTICE – Through statewide surveys, business seminar cassette loan library, access to ACEC’s publications department with standard contract documents, etc., and meeting roundtables on business practice issues.

8. STATE AGENCY LIAISON COMMITTEES – Established, ongoing relationships with state and federal agencies, and related organizations (APWA, AIA, COE, FMDC, KCMO, MDNR, MoDOT, MSD, St. Louis County, etc.) promoting common interests and the use of consulting engineers.

9. SEMINARS & CONVENTIONS – ACEC/MO provides business and educational seminars on topics to help your bottom line. Our four yearly conferences allow the Board to inform members of activities and progress, while also providing the opportunity for seminars, networking, and general information exchange.

10. ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS/PUBLIC AWARENESS – ACEC/MO and ACEC are both on the internet. Our website lists our members and offers hyperlinks to firms with their own website. Both groups also use electronic communications for fast effective transfer of important issues.