Honor Award – Woodard & Curran, Portland, ME

Firm Name: Woodard & Curran, Portland, ME

Project: Innovative Approach Treats Mine Water

Client: The Doe Run Company

A design-build-operate team of Woodard & Curran and Alberici Constructors helped the Doe Run Company meet stringent discharge limits on heavy metals and whole effluent toxicity. Doe Run’s mines and mills in southeastern Missouri have produced lead, copper and zinc for over 100 years.  Their operations produce water from dewatering the underground mines and milling. The team worked with Doe Run to develop flexible and efficient systems to treat mine water, meeting the company’s environmental stewardship goals since startup.  Five plants, with capacities from 6.5 MGD to 25 MGD, were built in a relatively short period and used standardized designs to facilitate construction, operation, and maintenance.  The plants include the first-of-its-kind application of the CoMag™ technology.  The systems also use advanced automation to improve operations and reduce costs.