Honor Award – HR Green, Inc. of Chesterfield

Firm Name: HR Green, Inc. of Chesterfield

Project: Shackelford Road Improvements

Client: St. Louis County Department of Transportation

Shackelford Road between Charbonier Road and Humes Road in northern St. Louis County was a dangerous roadway.  More than 120 crashes occurred per year on this corridor, a rate that well exceeded the County’s “high priority” safety category.  This segment encompasses numerous areas of high pedestrian usage, including multiple schools, churches, and a post office. St. Louis County selected HR Green, Inc. to make Shackelford Road a safer and more efficient corridor. The team accomplished this goal, while protecting the community’s vital natural resources.  In addition to safety and mobility improvements confirmed by dramatic drops in crashes, the project also: l Increased access to educational, commercial and public transit facilities for persons of all ages and abilities; l Produced a net reduction in runoff, protecting nearby stream banks and channels downstream; l Enhanced water quality through construction of a wetland and other stormwater management features, which also include interpretive panels to inform the public about water issues in their community. The completion of this project embodied the firm’s mission statement of building communities and improving lives.