Grand Award – Geotechnology, Inc. and CDG Engineers, Inc. of St. Louis

Firm Name: Geotechnology, Inc. and CDG Engineers, Inc. of St. Louis

Project: Meredosia Ash Pond Closure

Client: Ameren Missouri

The Meredosia Ash Pond Closure project included the 14.8-acre Bottom Ash Pond and the 44.8-acre Fly Ash Pond. The facility was in the process of being decommissioned, has an active river facility pipeline and roadway on the Bottom Ash Pond Berm, is in a commonly flooded area, and had a deficit of soils for traditional RCRA Subtitle D cap designs. Geotechnology Inc. and CDG Engineers teamed to provide a unique solution to the Meredosia Power Plant project. The ClosureTurf system replaced a traditional closure solution to achieve a variety of Ameren goals including: minimize impact to decommissioning activities, keep the pipeline and roadway functional, minimize future maintenance, and find an effective solution to the lack of soils.  The Geotechnology/CDG Team was able to deliver a solution that met these project needs. The Meredosia project is the first Illinois EPA approved use of ClosureTurf as final cover and one of the early adopters in the Midwest.