Grand Award – CH2M, St. Louis

Firm Name: CH2M, St. Louis

Project: I-270 North Environmental Assessment

Client: Missouri Department of Transportation

MoDOT’s Senior Management challenged the I-270 North study team to prepare an Environmental Assessment (EA) in a manner that provided maximum flexibility for future design changes during Alternative Project Delivery. To address this, CH2M partnered with MoDOT and FHWA to develop an innovative approach that afforded the desired flexibility and satisfied all NEPA requirements. This expedited EA was the first study in Missouri that described the Preferred Alternative as alternative configurations that meet a set of minimum performance measures. Consequently, elements of the Preferred Alternative could materially change without invalidating the document’s conclusions, provided the project’s relevant performance measures are met and it remains within the original footprint. The I-270 North EA establishes the roadmap for preparing environmental documents in a manner that satisfies NEPA requirements and allows owners to take full advantage of the benefits of alternative project delivery without incurring the additional costs and potential delays of lengthy NEPA re-evaluations.