Honor Award – CDM Smith, Inc., Kansas City

Firm Name: CDM Smith, Inc., Kansas City

Project: Turkey Creek Wastewater Pump Station Improvements

Client: City of Kansas City, MO

CDM Smith provided planning, design and construction services to retrofit the Turkey Creek Wastewater Pump Station. The project included modifications for grit removal; bar screens; electrical gear replacement; secondary power feed; VFDs; sewerage pumps, piping, and valves; and hydraulic modifications in the wetwell and pump intakes. Innovative ground freezing technology enabled construction of a Rock Box located 50-feet below grade. The ground freezing utilized pipelines filled with saline solution to freeze the ground below the culvert and allow it to be cut out without collapsing. The CDM Smith team collaborated with the Owner’s staff and Construction Contractor to plan the work and overcome the challenges of maintaining the capacity of the aging pump station while the improvements were implemented—and doing so without impacting operation of the overall collection system.