Grand Award – CDM Smith, Inc., Kansas City

Firm Name: CDM Smith, Inc., Kansas City

Project: JCB & Miami Sewer Separation and Adams Park Detention

Client: City of Omaha, Nebraska

The JCB & Miami Sewer Separation and Adams Park Detention project is part of the City of Omaha’s $1.2 billion Overflow Control Program to comply with the regulatory requirements of the City’s Consent Order issued by the Environmental Protection agency (EPA). A green solution evaluation was conducted to determine the feasibility and cost effectiveness to incorporate green infrastructure into the design. The Adams Park site was ultimately chosen to design a constructed wetland detention facility with approximately 77 acre-feet of available storage. By implementing the wetland facility into Adams Park, the project transformed an underutilized park with a poorly functioning lagoon into a revitalized park which will serve as a neighborhood amenity for current future generations. This project is the perfect example of how implementing both green and gray solutions can provide multiple benefits to municipal clients as well as the public for which they serve.