Honor Award – CDM Smith, Kansas City

Firm Name: CDM Smith, Kansas City

Project: Citywide Sewer Rehabilitation within Waterways

Client: Kansas City, Missouri

The City of Kansas City, Missouri awarded Kissick Construction and CDM Smith a Design-Build contract to protect, rehabilitate, and/or relocate sanitary sewer infrastructure found exposed in waterways at 15 different location throughout the City. The Design-Build team was engaged to complete final design and construction with the goal of protecting, rehabilitating, or relocating sanitary sewer assets, removing inflow and infiltration (I&I) from the sanitary sewer system, and improving the overall water quality within the City’s waterways. The project included installation of cured-in-place pipe lining, manhole lining, pipe encasement, infrastructure relocation outside of the waterways, and stream bank stabilization to protect existing or realigned infrastructure. CDM Smith obtained all necessary permits on the City’s behalf, including USACE 404 Nationwide permits for construction completed with jurisdictional water of the U.S.