Grand Award – Bartlett & West, Inc. of Jefferson City

Firm Name: Bartlett & West, Inc. of Jefferson City

Project: Subaqueous Lake Crossing – North Fork of Mark Twain Lake

Client: Clarence Cannon Wholesale Water Commission

Bartlett & West used innovative engineering for the design of the new ductile iron subaqueous pipe installed across Mark Twain Lake in Stoutsville, Missouri. The purpose of the Lake Crossing project was to install a 12” subaqueous water main parallel to the existing 6” subaqueous water main in order to provide a redundant supply line for this critical water transmission main. These types of projects don’t occur often due to high cost of ball & socket ductile iron pipe (“River Crossing Pipe”), limited applicability, and long-term life cycles of subaqueous infrastructure.  Bartlett & West met with all manufacturers of the River Crossing Pipe to ensure that the design did not exceed the limitations of the pipe material, such as degree of joint deflection and pull strength.  The discussions with the pipe manufacturers also ensured that the bidding specifications were open to all pipe suppliers to ensure the most competitive bids.