Grand Award – Bartlett & West, Inc., Jefferson City

Firm Name: Bartlett & West, Inc., Jefferson City

Project: LiDAR Survey of Chief Standing Bear Memorial Bridge – North Bank

Client: South Dakota Department of Transportation – Office of Bridge Design

It’s not every day that you put a $1 million-dollar piece of surveying equipment on the Mighty Missouri, a river notorious for its ability to sink watercraft. However, Bartlett & West did just that. Surveying a rock face on the choppy Missouri River with expensive Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) equipment attached to a watercraft is not standard practice for an engineering firm. However, this method provided a creative solution for our client, the South Dakota Department of Transportation. The data retrieved will assist them in monitoring the rock face for movement over time, allowing them to proactively address concerns about the abutment and bridge safety. The South Dakota Department of Transportation now has all the information necessary to maintain their infrastructure and protect their citizens, and the surveying industry has one more available method of data acquisition.