Grand Award – Bartlett & West, Inc. of Jefferson City

Firm Name: Bartlett & West, Inc. of Jefferson City

Project: MoDOT 2019 Statewide LiDAR Program

Client: Missouri Department of Transportation

Bartlett & West provided the Missouri Department of Transportation’s 2019 Statewide LiDAR program. The program included 13 individual projects throughout the state. In total 182 miles of roadway and almost 11,000 acres were surveyed. One of the unique items to the 2019 program was the combination of aerial and mobile LiDAR into one hybrid survey deliverable for the first time. This provided the wide corridor that can be obtained from the air while still producing the high accuracy of the terrestrial LiDAR. The program also included conventional survey to obtain underground utilities to provide MoDOT with a turn-key product that could be used for design.