Honor Award – Barr Engineering Company, Jefferson City

Firm Name: Barr Engineering Company, Jefferson City

Project: Assessing Stormwater Runoff at Industrial Sites

Client: Commercial Metals Company

Commercial Metals Company, a metal-recycling facility, sits along Jordan Creek in Springfield, Missouri. When the creek’s classification changed – prompting more stringent discharge limits that would require treatment of significant quantities of runoff – Commercial Metals turned to Barr Engineering Company for help.  Employing modeling techniques typically used for watershed-level planning, including drainage-area ratios and load-duration curves, Barr was able to show that the facility’s discharges did not exceed Jordan Creek’s loading capacity for multiple pollutants.  DNR staff members liked this approach but weren’t convinced until seeing the results. The revised permit helps protect Jordan Creek and will allow Commercial Metals to continue doing business at the existing site, saving thousands of dollars and enabling it to continue providing local jobs and affordable recycled metal for other businesses in Missouri.