This is a travel day for most people to reach St. Croix, if you aren’t already there.

7:30 AM - Registration
8:00-11:30 AM - CEO Roundtables Discussion - Small/Medium & Medium/Large (3.0 PDHs)
Description:  The purpose of this program is to discuss business practice issues in a roundtable format. Discussion will include areas such as liability, profitability, ownership, human resources, business development, information technology, etc. (We will split into 2 groups by firm size in separate rooms for this discussion.)
Lunch - Own Your Own
Dan Oblinger1:00-4:00 PM - Life or Death Listening Skills for Engineering Executives (3.0 PDHs)
Dan Oblinger, Leadercraft
Description:  An interactive workshop all focused on active listening skills for consulting engineering executives. This session focuses on the foundational activity for leadership and dealmaking: listening authentically. We all want to craft strong agreements with people at work and in our homes that don’t fall apart easily. See how the listening skills can aid in discovery, safety, trust building, and collaboration even in a conflict, as taught by a veteran hostage negotiator and consultant for ACEC member companies all over the US.
6:00-7:00 PM - Welcoming Reception
Join us at the historic Sugar Mill for sweeping views of the sea, drinks, entertainment, and networking with other members.
Dinner - Own Your Own

Lydia Zabrycki8:00-8:30 AM - Do Your Employees Have Access to a Personal Financial Advisor (.50 PDHs)
Speaker: Lydia Zabrycki, ACEC Retirement Trust
Description: All participants, from top execs to EITs to Admin, now have access to a top-tier advisor from CAPTRUST, the premier firm that is the RT’s own financial advisory partner, to help achieve financial wellness both now and in the future. This benefit, included in our low fee, is another reason to join the ACEC RT. Attract and retain the best talent and gain enhanced fiduciary protection with this unique plan available only to ACEC members.
Mary Erchul8:45-9:15 AM - The State of Cyber in 2022 (.50 PDHs)
Mary Erchul, ACEC Business Insurance Trust Description: We’ll be talking about the state of the cyber market and how we got here. Let’s just call it the cyber perfect storm.  There were a lot of contributors in shaping the current market conditions, and from our perspective, some of the more pertinent ones are regulatory changes, widespread technology risk, increased criminal activity, and insurance carriers pulling back. Any of these individual changes would have created some shift in the market, however the fact that all of these happened so closely together, the compounding of these variables only amplifies and accelerates the market effects we’ve been seeing. We will unpack several of these and try to make sense of it all.
9:30-11:50 AM - ACEC Kansas Meeting
9:30-11:50 AM - ACEC Missouri Meeting
9:30-11:50 AM - ACEC Oklahoma Meeting
Lunch - On Your Own
Dan Oblinger1:00-3:00 PM - Negotiation Mythbusting for Engineering Executives (2.0 PDHs)
Speaker: Dan Oblinger, Leadercraft
Description: Sometimes what we think we know about negotiating can get us into trouble! This workshop focuses on several misconceptions in negotiation, including what a negotiation really is! Dan will show us sound principles and frameworks to negotiate with excellence. We will use scenario-based learning centered on project delivery, talent management, succession planning, culture work, and business development situations. Come learn how a hostage negotiator makes connections with people and manages change in your industry!
5:00-6:30 PM - Sunset Cruise
Chase the sunset....sail into the horizon and watch the sun as it sets into the sea while relaxing and enjoying the Caribbean Seas. Big Beards and Jolly Roger will provide a Sunset Sail while enjoying Rum punch on board.
Dinner - Own Your Own

Greg Coker8:00-11:50 AM - The Blueprint for Leadership Excellence: Part 1 (4.0 PDHs)
Greg Coker, Greg Coker Development 
Description: This hard-hitting leadership development experience is guaranteed to arm you with the knowledge, skills, and discipline to help you be the best leader possible in your company. As a result of working with senior managers, emerging leaders and executives for decades---both within organizational hierarchies and as an outside coach, leadership consultant and workshop leader--- Greg has developed a powerful two-part program (June 11 morning, June 12th morning) that will serve as a personal C-SUITE Audit for ACEC members. And unlike traditional consultants/speakers who don’t provide much more than a fancy binder that collects dust on your credenza, he will provide the tools, inspiration, motivation and support (post workshop coaching) you need to make those needed (usually minor, relatively easy to implement) personal effectiveness adjustments. Who is this program for?
-  ENGAGED LEADERS who are committed to developing their leadership skills and approaches to optimize individual, team and organizational performance.
-  EMERGING/NEXT GENERATION LEADERS who want to enhance their career trajectory and master the foundations for Leadership Excellence.
-  ENTERPRISING PROFESSIONALS who wish to collaborate with other self-motivated individuals, build business networks and value an exchange of diverse perspectives, to drive change and make a real difference.
Topics covered:
-  A Blueprint for Leadership Excellence: Power of Purpose, Employee Engagement, 12 Elements of Leadership, Situational Leadership, Crisis Leadership, Organizational Traction, Negotiation, Coaching Model, Transitional Leadership, et al.
-  Executive Presence: personal brand, communication ability, engagement skills, values-in-action, inspiring hope & confidence, emotional/social intelligence, minimizing blind spots, the art of storytelling, establishing/building trust, demonstrating compassion.
-  Strengths Based Leadership: The most successful CEO’s are not always balanced, but their management teams are!
-  Management AND (not OR) Leadership: We manage the business, lead our people.
In this powerful two-part session, you’ll get the type of straightforward, pragmatic coaching advice he shared for the past two decades with thousands of senior leaders, via intensive one-on-one executive coaching engagements and in leadership development workshops. These client organizations include AT&T, Vanderbilt University, State Farm, General Motors, Dismas Charities, McDonalds, TVA, American Water, Edward Jones, to name a few.  Think of him as your personal coach, your engineer if you will, for the duration of our meeting.  Together, you will build your knowledge, increase your skills and intensify the discipline needed to be that leader your company needs.
Lunch & Afternoon - Own Your Own
6:00-9:00 PM - Reception & Banquet
Enjoy a relaxing evening on the beach with beautiful views of the sea, drinks, food, and fire dancers as entertainment.

Greg Coker8:00-11:50 AM - The Blueprint for Leadership Excellence: Part 2 (4.0 PDHs)
Speaker: Greg Coker, Greg Coker Development
Description: See information for Part 1 on Saturday.
Afternoon & Evening - Own Your Own

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To register for the meeting, click here. The deadline to register is for the conference is Wednesday, May 25, 2022.


The Buccaneer Beach & Golf Resort
5007 Estate Shoys, Christiansted (St. Croix), U.S. Virgin Islands

Call 800-255-3881 and refer to “ACEC group”. Book online at by going to “Meetings”, then clicking on the ‘group code booking engine” button. Enter “ACEC22” promo code. Email [email protected] and refer to the “ACEC Group”. The deadline to reserve your sleeping room has been extended to Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

$325.00 – Oceanview or $521.00 – Oceanfront


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